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Lomi Lomi Nui - sacred Hawaiian massage
If this isn’t the start of a fairy tale, it’s as close as you’ll get. This traditional Hawaiian massage offered at SPA-ROSA is like no other massage you will experience. This sacred treatment translates as “Massage of the Rolling Waves”. The motion of Lomi is influenced by the waves, sweeping up and over the body like the swell of the ocean. The continuous contact and gentle rhythm of the Polynesian music, in turn, influence a healthy flow and balance within your mind and body. A Polynesian gift is included in this special treatment to remember.
starting from € 115,00
A spa experience unlike any other that pleases the senses. This sensual, traditional Turkish ritual will take you into the mystical world of Oriental-style bathing. Performed in a white-marble steam room, this luxurious bath cleanses, relaxes and purifies the body and mind. First, the therapist generously applies soft soap foam to the skin and massages the body with an exfoliating silk glove. Next, the body is washed with warm water, followed by a splash of cold water. This purifying treatment is followed by a rejuvenating massage. Finally, guests will enjoy fresh fruits and a nice cup of tea in our private Hamam relaxation lounge.
starting from € 119,00
St. Barth Harmony - Full Body Massage
Enjoy a relaxing, gentle body massage with intensive caring products specially tailored to your needs. Choose pure, cold-pressed avocado oil for intensive conditioning of dry skin or ivy gel with menthol oil for strengthening tissue and skin layers for beautiful, slim legs.
starting from € 99,00
ST. BARTH Softness – body peeling treatment 30 min.
A unique, deeply relaxing body peeling massage for velvety soft and smooth skin. The fruit enzymes of fresh papaya and a special sea-sand polish complex, enriched with minerals, remove dead skin cells while pure coconut oil moisturizes the skin and pampers it with valuable nutrients. This pampering treatment is ideal as preparation for a long lasting and even tan.
30 Min
€ 69,00