iBeauty intense 60 min.
Enjoy a special treatment that combines 3 technologies, perfectly customised for the needs of your skin. In combination with the highly compatible, marine products developed by the THALGO laboratories, this treatment boosts natural moisture and stimulates the repair mechanisms for a perfect complexion
60 Min
€ 189,00
SENSAI Ultimate – facial treatments 80 min.
This deluxe facial uses the combination of anti-ageing ingredients with the healing power of touch to address the causes of aging from the inside out and to illuminate the skin. This facial turns back the hands of time by promoting collagen synthesis and accelerating cell renewal. This skin comforting treatment works to combat free radical damage and helps your skin regain a balanced, youthful glow. To refresh the spirit and senses, a silk powder massage promotes alertness at the end of this outstanding skincare experience. A glass of champagne and a silky gift are included to extend the treatment and enhance your relaxation
80 Min
€ 179,00
SENSAI Cellular Performance – facial treatment 70 min.
This exceptional facial treatment floods your skin with hydration for impressive, long-lasting results. The flagship skincare line, SENSAI Cellular Performance formulations‘ comforting textures initiate a beauty chain reaction to optimise cellular performance, encouraging your skin to take on the lustre and refinement of premium silk. A special lifting mask with layers of frothy hyaluronic acid reduces the appearance of wrinkles and promotes a more youthful complexion. Your skin is refreshed, plumped and appears instantly softer.
70 Min
€ 149,00
SENSAI Silk – facial treatments 60 min.
Reveal a new you with this multi-phase resurfacing facial designed to detoxify, rejuvenate, re-balance and hydrate your skin. Purification begins with gentle exfoliation and finishes with an anti-inflammatory clear gel mask. Employing SENSAI Silk products suited to your individual skin needs, this facial will leave you cleansed, exfoliated, nourished and radiant.
60 Min
€ 129,00
VINOBLE facial treatment "pro youth microneedling"
Ritual | cleansing | peeling | concentrate cocktail | microneedling | special face mask and eye care | hand massage | final care. Microneedling is a minimally invasive form of treatment to improve the skin's structure. Fine needles are used to make small perforations in the skin barrier. The small injuries collagen is formed, which strengthens the skin and prevents wrinkles. After the treatment, your skin is pampered with a highly concentrated anti-aging mask. This is a good treatment for sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, scars and hyperpigmentation.
50 Min
€ 210,00
VINOBLE facial treatment 90 Min.
Ritual | cleansing | peeling | cleansing on request | concentrate cocktail | facial massage with serum | eye care | décolleté mask | special face mask and eye mask | hand massage | final care. 90 min. relaxation - complete facial and décolleté treatment tailored to the respective skin type with precious active ingredient concentrates and special masks incl. hand massage and special additional eye treatment.
90 Min
€ 175,00
VINOBLE facial treatment 60 Min
Ritual | cleansing | peeling | cleansing on request | facial massage with serum | eye care | cream mask | hand massage | final care. 60 min. relaxation - complete facial and décolleté treatment tailored to the respective skin type incl. hand massage.
60 Min
€ 129,00
VINOBLE facial treatment 30 Min.
Ritual | cleansing | peeling | facial massage | final treatment 30 minutes of relaxation - the ideal VINOBLE introductory treatment with a focus on facial massage
30 Min
€ 79,00
VINOBLE beautiful eyes ritual
Give your eyes more power of expression! eyelash and eyebrow tinting + correction | hand massage | eye finishing care
30 Min
€ 49,00