VINOBLE Full body massage
Classic relexation full body massage
starting from € 119,00
VINOBLE Back massage
Classic relaxation back massage
starting from € 89,00
Sport massage
come and enjoy a sporty and firm massage after your long day of skiing, hiking or after a long workout at the gym.
starting from € 129,00
VINOBLE Mom-to-be massage
This pampering experience for mothers-to-be is a wonderful way to promote deep relaxation and feelings of wellbeing during pregnancy. A gentle yet effective massage is used to relieve aches and pains associated with pregnancy and to restore inner harmony, ease back tension and promote a peaceful and balanced state. Expect a soothing and nurturing treatment with essential avocado oil − excellent for cell regeneration, circulation and stretch mark prevention.
60 Min
€ 129,00
VINOBLE Kids Massage
Kids rule supreme! We are committed to accommodating your preferences during this custom comfort massage: Tell us if you want a parent to accompany you or not and request a male or female therapist. Choose the aromatherapy essential oil that’s right for you. Enjoy a massage designed to optimize your mobility, balance and energy. Plus, it will leave your skin soft and supple, smelling of flowers.
20 Min
€ 49,00
VINOBLE Balance Massage
Whole body massage with warm grape seed bags
starting from € 129,00
VINOBLE whole body care ritual
Ritual | cleansing | full body cream and oil care massage
30 Min
€ 79,00
VINOBLE whole body scrub
Ritual | whole body scrub
20 Min
€ 49,00